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Nabiev Igor Rufailovich


Doctor of Science in Chemistry, Professor at the University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne. Winner of the Walton Prize from the Science Foundation of Ireland, winner of a mega-grant from the Government of the Russian Federation, winner of the European Union Prize for the best project in the field of nanotechnology and material sciences ever funded by the European Community.


A unique setup for realization of the strong light-matter coupling mode for a wide class of compounds, including biological molecules and complexes, has been created, patented and described:

  • NABIEV, I.R., MOCHALOV, K.E., RAKOVICH, Y.P., SOKOLOV, P.M., DOVZHENKO, D.S., MEZIN, A.V. Method of modifying properties of sample molecules and a device for its realization. Invention. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2666853. Registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation 12.09.2018.
  • Mochalov, K.E., Vaskan, I.S., Dovzhenko, D.S., Rakovich, Yu.P., NABIEV, I.R.. (2018) A versatile tunable microcavity for investigation of light-matter interaction. Review of Scientific Instruments. 89, 053105
    High toxicity of nanoparticles for living organisms is a factor limiting their in vivo applications. LOCS collaborators systematized and analyzed the mechanisms of nanoparticle toxicity to living systems and concluded which physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles have the greatest influence on their toxicity.
    The article describing these results has been cited more than 820 times.
  • SUKHANOVA, A., Bozrova, S., SOKOLOV P., Berestovoy, M., Karaulov, A., NABIEV, I. (2018) Dependence of Nanoparticle Toxicity on Their Physical and Chemical Properties. Nanoscale Research Letters, 13, 44 (2018). Impact factor (IF) = 5.418. Q1. DOI: 10.1186/s11671-018-2457-x