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Butorina Anna Valeryevna


Academic degree:

2017 PhD in Biological Sciences, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity


2008 Specialization: Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Information Technologies, mathematician-programmer


Anna Butorina is an expert in experimental design, preprocessing and processing of magneto- and electroencephalography data, working with finite element meshes. She has extensive experience working with the only MEG facility in the Russian Federation (Moscow MEG Center, Moscow State Pedagogical University). Since 2020 he has been working on the problems of creating MEG systems using new types of sensors (optically pumped magnetometers and solid-state ferro-probe magnetometers based on iron-ittrium garnet films) in terms of creating the experimental paradigm, experimental validation of sensors and sensor arrays. He is also involved in optimization and algorithm development of task-oriented sensor systems based on metrics from information theory, mathematical physics, and statistical data analysis.